Energy Efficient Construction Proves a Differentiator

As a Los Angeles commercial construction contractor since 1986, DPT Construction understands the whims and vagaries of the construction scene in the greater Los Angeles area. This is especially true when it comes to integrating energy efficiency into commercial construction remodeling projects. Energy Efficiency Can Improve Value Independent research suggests that improvements in energy efficiency … Continued

Selecting the Right Commercial Contractor

DPT Construction has been in the Los Angeles Commercial Construction business since 1986. We want to pass along a few tips for choosing the best commercial construction contractor for your project. When you decide you need that office remodel, expansion or upgrade, it’s a major investment for your company. The structure is so important to … Continued

What’s Happening with Commercial Construction – 2017

As a long-time General Contractor in Los Angeles, DPT Construction has noticed a continuing up-trend in the construction industry over the past few years, especially in our “wheelhouse” which is primarily commercial renovations. While many national chain stores are closing properties, new startup businesses are taking off in many metro areas and creating major changes … Continued

Construction Costs

Any reputable contractor will work diligently to provide their client with an accurate estimation of project costs. The accuracy of this information involves far more work and research than first meets the eye. Every “known” variable is considered based on study of the plans and specs, past construction experience and leg-work. Some of the costs … Continued


The Reputation of a Construction Company

We are all too aware that there are some construction companies who are not very reputable. DPT Construction has been in business for many years and strives to keep their well-earned, positive reputation intact by delivering to our clients exactly what was promised. A good reputation is “hard-won” and a very powerful commodity in today’s … Continued


Unforseen Conditions

Unanticipated or unexpected circumstance or situation that affects the final price and/or completion time of a contract or project Unforeseen or concealed physical jobsite conditions can increase the budget of a tenant improvement/construction project. They sometimes create confusion and increased time and money that cannot be accurately measured by the Contractor or Consultant during the … Continued

Construction Jobs

Who Will Fill the Construction Jobs of Tomorrow?

DPT, a Los Angeles construction company, knows how tough it can be to hire for the trades. Luckily some high school programs across the country are teaching students how to remodel and build homes, sometimes from scratch. Consider these three examples: In New Buffalo, Michigan, students from New Buffalo High School are building a house … Continued

Construction Manager’s “Soft Skills”

Have you ever seen someone holding the blueprints on a construction site? That’s a construction manager. Construction Managers, also known as General Contractors or Project Managers, oversee and allocate resources for any number of construction projects, from houses and buildings to bridges and skyscrapers. While the construction foreman directly manages the construction workers on the … Continued

What is the Dewey Decimal System of Construction Materials?

There may be some who don’t recall what the Dewey Decimal System is. (It’s a system used by libraries to categorize books to make them easy to find.) It may be a little outdated now because of the ease of doing internet searches, but nonetheless remains an excellent organizational tool for information. MasterFormat is a … Continued


As the owner of the construction project, there are things that must be done prior to finalizing the project with the Contractor. First and foremost, grab a clipboard and do a comprehensive examination of the project to make sure that everything is done as agreed. It’s usually a good idea to have the contract specifications … Continued