Construction Costs

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Any reputable contractor will work diligently to provide their client with an accurate estimation of project costs. The accuracy of this information involves far more work and research than first meets the eye. Every “known” variable is considered based on study of the plans and specs, past construction experience and leg-work. Some of the costs that are usually included in an estimate are as follows:

  • General conditions: The costs incurred during a project that generally don’t involve swinging a hammer or installing something permanently at your project, (i.e., site management, specialty rental equipment, scaffolding, fencing, protective coverings, and temporary facilities).
  • Project Site Conditions
  • Subcontractor costs – Usually a General Contractor will get a few Qualified Bids for each of the trades needed to ensure pricing accuracy.
  • Material Costs
  • Shipping and handling
  • Labor
  • Equipment & Equipment Rental
  • Overhead and profit
  • Insurance

DPT Construction works diligently to provide a smooth and cost efficient project for each of our clients. Having “Quality” Plans and Specifications, access to the job-site to access site conditions, and the owner having at least a 10% contingency towards the total project costs for unforeseen costs are just a few of the things that will help in the estimation phase of the project. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at (818) 349-6737.

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