Construction Manager’s “Soft Skills”

DSCF0818Have you ever seen someone holding the blueprints on a construction site? That’s a construction manager. Construction Managers, also known as General Contractors or Project Managers, oversee and allocate resources for any number of construction projects, from houses and buildings to bridges and skyscrapers.

While the construction foreman directly manages the construction workers on the jobsite, it’s the Construction Manager who may have the most vital job of all since he/she is responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting and generally managing the project to completion.

Here is a sampling of those vital responsibilities:

  • Proven Abilities to Work from the Middle: Construction Managers have to be able to work well with the foremen that report to them as well as “upwardly manage” their bosses. To do this well, a Construction Manager needs to be receptive to the views of others, sensitive to project nuances (such as being able to deal with an owner or investor concerns) and be able to understand obstacles others may be facing on the project.
  • Conflict Handling Skills: It’s easy to manage when everything is going well. However, conflict is bound to occur from employees, misunderstandings about the project and from budgetary concerns. How a manager handles these issues is vital. Does the person get angry or frustrated easily? Can the individual perform competently in a time of crisis? Most importantly, does the manger have the capability for solving problems? The ability to manage conflict is a key skill to look for in a good Construction Manager.
  • The ability to Get Things Done: This sounds obvious but it is actually one of the main reasons to hire a Construction Manager. Does the candidate have a proven track record of accomplishment? If the project gets stalled, everyone loses. The manager has to have a history of being able to remove obstacles, tackle/solve problems and close the deal.

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