The Reputation of a Construction Company

We are all too aware that there are some construction companies who are not very reputable. DPT Construction has been in business for many years and strives to keep their well-earned, positive reputation intact by delivering to our clients exactly what was promised. A good reputation is “hard-won” and a very powerful commodity in today’s marketplace.

Ten Reputation Elements

A recent study concluded that there are ten main elements used to measure company reputations:

  1. Financial performance– The firm is financially sound
  2. Ethics– The organization is trustworthy
  3. Staff– Talented employees work for the firm
  4. Customer focus– Commitment to clients / customers
  5. Leadership– An industry leader and innovator
  6. Management– A well-managed company with a future vision
  7. Social Responsibility– Supports good causes
  8. Reliability– Stands by its products / services
  9. Quality– The company offerings come with a consistent, high standard
  10. Emotional appeal– Outsiders and staff feel good about the company

If a company maintains impeccable results in these 10 areas, a good reputation is assured.

You simply can’t do business for long without sustaining a good reputation. In fact, the reputation of a business is fundamental to its survival and can have significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

Another way to speak to a reputation is how long a company has been doing business because a firm does not last with a sullied reputation. DPT Construction has been in business since 1986. We’ve built a good reputation, we’re proud of it and intend to maintain it.

About DPT Construction

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