Energy Efficient Construction Proves a Differentiator

As a Los Angeles commercial construction contractor since 1986, DPT Construction understands the whims and vagaries of the construction scene in the greater Los Angeles area. This is especially true when it comes to integrating energy efficiency into commercial construction remodeling projects.

Energy Efficiency Can Improve Value

Independent research suggests that improvements in energy efficiency can increase the value of a structure. As an example, a well cited study from McGraw Hill that concentrated on global green building trends, discovered 7% more value in green buildings over non-green counterparts.

In addition, the study showed a 15% reduction in operating costs over a five-year period.

Higher Revenue

Aligning with the millennials desire to be environmentally friendly means accessing a strong potential market for green real estate. For example, in Los Angeles, non-green commercial real estate is about $2.16 per square foot. However, ENERGY STAR-certified buildings go for $2.69 per square foot and LEED certification at $2.91 per square foot!

Competitive Differentiator

A 2015 US Green Building Council (USGBC) study from Booz Allen Hamilton indicated that the green building sector outgrew conventional construction. It also suggested that by 2018, green will comprise more than 33% of the US construction market.

Construction firms with a holistic energy strategy can use that as a differentiator over the non-adaptive competition.

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