Los Angeles Licensed Contractor

Hiring Licensed Contractors

By hiring licensed contractors in the state of California clients have an added level of security in making sure that their project is properly executed. To qualify for a license, a contractor must verify four years of journey-level experience in the trade, pass both a trade and license law and business examination, and post a … Continued

To Permit or Not to Permit

A building permit gives you legal permission to construct, alter or add square footage to a residential or commercial structure. These projects usually require plans and specifications which are reviewed by a plans examiner to determine compliance with applicable building and safety codes. A building permit is then issued and is important because the permits … Continued

Negotiating a Tenant Improvement Deal

IT companies, medical practices, insurance agencies, retail businesses, etc., at times, outgrow their space and need to expand. This often means that a building needs a space build out. The Certified Commercial Investing Member Institute defines tenant improvements as the customized alterations a building owner makes to rental space as part of a lease agreement, … Continued

The New Medical Office Building Approach

With today’s new trends in medicine many facilities are finding it necessary to consider new build out methods which will attract patients, improve wellness and save operation costs. These methods include such things as more flexibility, a friendlier “attitude” and allows for multiple interconnections and shared spaces reflecting a team-care environment. These Medical Offices are … Continued

About DPT Construction

DPT Construction is a Los Angeles based commercial and residential renovation specialist since 1986. We are a diverse firm with extensive experience in hotel, commercial retail, medical offices, institutional facilities and restaurants specializing in all types of commercial tenant improvement. As a routine part of our services rendered we will manage and administrate the construction … Continued

Off-Hours Commercial Tile Contractor Avoids Business Disruptions

DPT, a Los Angeles commercial tile contractor since 1986, provides off-hours commercial tile installation. In fact, we specialize in commercial tenant improvements and will partner with you to assure the budget is sound, the schedule is maintained and quality work is done and inspected. We compete aggressively for all types of commercial work including prevailing … Continued

What You Need to Know About Doing Tenant Improvement Construction in LA

Tenant improvements in LA County have to be done within office codes and regulations which includes the completion of an extensive County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, Building and Safety Division, Tenant Improvement Plan Review List. General Requirements for Tenant Improvement Construction in LA The general requirements of Los Angeles tenant improvement construction … Continued

Office Construction Forecast in LA County is Strong

Office construction in LA County, according to the Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast, is optimistic. So optimistic, it’s expected to remain bullish for the next three years. For example, 51% of Southern California developers indicated they would be starting developments during 2015 compared to the 2014 response of 25%. The reasons for this optimism of commercial … Continued