Selecting the Right Commercial Contractor

commercial_contractorDPT Construction has been in the Los Angeles Commercial Construction business since 1986. We want to pass along a few tips for choosing the best commercial construction contractor for your project.

When you decide you need that office remodel, expansion or upgrade, it’s a major investment for your company. The structure is so important to your business, you have to start the process right. That means performing due diligence. Remember, you are paying for this so you hold all the leverage in choosing the right contractor.

Gather a List Prospects

Using referrals, internet research and other sources, compile a list of three to six potential contractors. You may have to prepare a screening checklist that includes requirements like must have 10 years construction experience in LA County, be active and have a reputation for quality work.

Interview the Potentials

It is smart to prepare an insightful list of questions to ask each contractor you decide to talk with. Ask about the types of projects they specialize in, what projects do they have going on, about the construction process, communication plan, payment plan & dates and the way timelines are put together. Find out if they handle challenges as well.

Verify References

Obtain a list of projects recently completed and ask the references provided about the conduct of the contractor: Were they on time? Were they approachable and courteous? Did they practice open communication? Were they reliable? Most importantly, did they do what they said they would do for the contracted amount?

See Past Projects

Look at the contractor’s portfolio and review the photos of project progress, asking probing questions as you go through it.

About DPT Construction

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