As the owner of the construction project, there are things that must be done prior to finalizing the project with the Contractor.

First and foremost, grab a clipboard and do a comprehensive examination of the project to make sure that everything is done as agreed. It’s usually a good idea to have the contract specifications at-hand to ensure that all of the work has been completed. Do this prior to doing a job walk with the contractor and creating the Punch List.

Punch List – “A punch list is a list of tasks that need to be completed to satisfy the terms of a construction contract. Such lists may be included in the contract itself, but more commonly, they are generated in the final phases of construction, as people walk around the site and note down any issues and deficiencies that need to be resolved. The list can include everything from ‘clean up scraps on construction site’ to ‘finish trim in office.”

If you find anything that was overlooked, immediately notify the contractor. Compare notes. Ensure that the two of you are on “the same page” and all the items that were noted are corrected or resolved. When that’s done you should receive a binder from the Contractor containing all pertinent warranties from subcontractors and manufacturers for you to keep on file.

There’s a lot of information that an owner needs to be familiar with in order to ensure the envisioned outcome. The main point is to find a contractor who has an extensive background in residential and commercial renovations and can avert any problems before they arise.

DPT Construction specializes in commercial construction and completely understands the idiosyncrasies that go along with this type of construction. This includes coordinating with municipal authorities, local and national account vendors and specialized workers to align installation schedules to best deliver the specific vision. No matter what type of project, DPT is ready to develop a seamless construction process to advance the objectives of your business.

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