What’s Happening with Commercial Construction – 2017

DPandT constructionAs a long-time General Contractor in Los Angeles, DPT Construction has noticed a continuing up-trend in the construction industry over the past few years, especially in our “wheelhouse” which is primarily commercial renovations.

While many national chain stores are closing properties, new startup businesses are taking off in many metro areas and creating major changes in consumer spending habits. Though online sales will continue to grow, the future will be an integration of appealing storefronts and online marketing.

Boutique restaurants and bar/grills are popping up with a completely new twist and becoming nearly unrecognizable from their core concept as they branch out into new territory such as nightclubs, food service venues and entertainment-driven concepts. Food service and entertainment venues have evolved to a point that one feeds off the other. In fact, restaurants, theaters, and music venues are increasingly moving from individual stand-alone buildings to integrated entertainment districts.

With the current boom in our economy, office space vacancies are very rare. When the right one comes up, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can work very closely with you to form a comfortable budget and create the perfect work environment. After all, that’s our specialty.

About DPT Construction

DPT Construction has extensive experience building and remodeling for most types of commercial LA construction projects and medical and office suite remodels. DPT Construction has done work for hotels, multi-units, retail, restaurants, shopping centers, office and medical suites, schools and universities and government facilities. Contact us at www.dpandt.com for more information.