What You Need to Know About Doing Tenant Improvement Construction in LA

Tenant improvements in LA County have to be done within office codes and regulations which includes the completion of an extensive County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, Building and Safety Division, Tenant Improvement Plan Review List.


General Requirements for Tenant Improvement Construction in LA

The general requirements of Los Angeles tenant improvement construction include an application and permit, zoning compliance plan, site plan, supplemental plan review comments, area, occupancy, construction type, means of egress, fire considerations and structural requirements.

In addition, any demolition work, signs, bridge, electrical and mechanical work and much more require separate applications and permits.

Virtually each aspect of construction has to be vetted, approved and completed accordingly for a tenant improvement project even though it may be a simple renovation.

The process of tenant renovations and construction can be complex and it is the job of the construction company to ensure that all requirements are adhered to and the work completed is in compliance with LA county building codes and regulations.

About DPT Construction LA Tenant Improvement Contractors

DPT has been a full service Construction Company in Los Angeles County for almost 30 years. We understand how to work in harmony with LA and the surrounding counties on all types of construction projects including tenant renovations and improvements plus maintaining the projects on schedule to keep the building management and tenant satisfied.