We encourage client’s designers and architects we work with to consider using sustainable and non toxic building materials that will not only save money but also help protect the environment.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a badge of honor that progressive and environmentally conscious owners want to earn. Not only is green design good for the environment, but it is cost efficient to businesses.

The need of sustainable construction is to generate facilities, products and services in a way that reduces the need of non-renewable resources, minimizes environmental impact and relates people with the natural environment.

At DPT Construction we are committed to accommodate our customer’s needs for sustainable design and to support their leadership as environmentally responsible corporate society.

Paint technology has provided painting contractors safer options for paint application. Most paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. These VOCs can affect the environment, cause irritation to those with asthma or allergies. However most paint manufacturers have introduced eco-friendly or “green” paints that contain low amounts or no VOCs.

WHEN it comes to building, renovating and maintaining a home, paint is a little like milk: it’s a staple, a basic ingredient. And much like milk, a product that helped make the organic food movement a mass-market phenomenon, paint is leading the expansion of the green building movement, as stricter regulations, pressure from environmental groups and increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly products force manufacturers to produce paints with fewer dangerous and smog-producing compounds.

“Green is the new black…and white, blue, pink, yellow, red, and every other color you might consider painting your house. Painting a room is one of the most effective ways to change its overall look, and doing it “green” is just as easy — and much more healthful for you and your family — than doing it the old-fashioned way”

“Have fun and be brave while you experiment with color. And feel great knowing that your smart paint choices are creating both a gorgeous and green home for you and your family”

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