The Old to New Office Space

dpt-renovationAdaptive reuse (or re-use), is the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than what it was originally designed. Old buildings that have withstood the “test of time” and outlived their original purposes are now used for completely different functions while retaining their historic values. There are many examples of how this can be done and the creative aspect is only as limited as one’s imagination. Some of the uses that we know of are: a closed school being converted into condominiums, an old factory into a hotel, a former toy warehouse in downtown LA converted into loft apartments, and a rundown church may find new life as a restaurant (or vice versa).

In fact, The Adaptive Reuse Ordinance has become one of the most significant incentives related to historic preservation in Los Angeles. This has facilitated the conversion of dozens of historic and under-utilized structures into new housing or office units. The Ordinance provides for an expedited approval process and ensures that older and historic buildings are not subjected to the same zoning and code requirements that apply to new construction.

DPT Construction embraces creative space renovations and wholeheartedly believes and reusing buildings wherever possible. By reusing buildings in this manner a neglected building that might otherwise be demolished can be saved. This can also benefit the environment by conserving natural resources and minimizing the need for new materials.

  • Seasoned building materials are not even available in today’s market. Close-grained, first-growth lumber is naturally stronger and more rich looking than today’s timbers.
  • These buildings are being upgraded to appeal to new tenants by changing old claustrophobic office space into open, vibrant, light-filled work areas.
  • Architecture is history. Architecture is memory.
  • Lower rent is a big factor. For instance, monthly lease payments in these buildings are often half of what modern building rent is per square foot cost.

Before making any steadfast decision either as a building owner or tenant as to whether you want to reuse a building in question, make sure you do proper due diligence. Though a building might be older and being reused, the costs involved might be higher than building from ground up.

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