Los Angeles Commercial Construction Estimate Factors

construction-estimateDPT Construction has been specializing in commercial building projects in the Los Angeles area since 1986. When estimating construction costs, DPT carefully considers all the factors that could arise during the process. No one wants surprises that impact the “bottom-line.” While costs for renovations and alterations are often difficult to predict, probing for potential problems is helpful so here are a few of the areas that should be examined:

  • Codes. Building codes often change, so a quick review of the current codes and building department approval is warranted.
  • Drawings. Do drawings of the initial construction and any subsequent remodels exist? If they do, an evaluation of their accuracy should be performed and compared to the existing structure.
  • Environment. Are there any environmental issues to incorporate into the estimate? Will the project need special cleaning or rehabilitation?
  • Occupancy. If the facility will be occupied during the construction, determine various issues that may impact the work flow progress. If construction is required after normal business hours, additional wage costs may have an impact.
  • Unanticipated work. Have you considered all the areas where work would be necessary? Is there a contingency for how to handle unforeseen conditions?
  • Access. How will the workers get to the space and staging areas? Sometimes overlooked, sufficient access to the building site including turning radius and bearing capacity should be part of the estimate.
  • Use. Is the building going to be used for a different function than when it was originally built? If so, will code or environmental issues arise such as parking, occupancy rates or structural integrity?
  • Structural alteration. Often, if the function of the building changes, building, zoning and structural codes come into play and must be closely adhered to.

About DPT Construction

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