A Productive Enterprise Needs a Commercial Building Maintenance Contractor

Commercial building Maintenance ContractorAs a customer, what do you think about a business when you walk in and notice dirt, clutter, stains, fading paint, rotting wood or see just a general appearance of uncleanliness? If you’re an employee, how do you like working there?

Believe it when we say that no matter how good your business is, a state of disrepair influences the way people think about it, right or wrong. Your property is reflection of who and what your establishment stands for. A well maintained, clean and efficient environment means more productive employees, happier clients and an over-all smoother operation of your business. You might know that’s true but who has the time to continually upkeep a busy facility?

Maintenance Package Subscription

Consider subscribing to a maintenance program that keeps your business clean and includes a power wash every 18-24 months, minor touch ups from chips & scratches, notification about any spots that need attention and more.

DPT construction, a well-known building maintenance company in Los Angeles, offers a selection of facilities services packages, customized and designed for your business. These commercial building maintenance programs are used by schools, public facilities, office buildings and hospitality and healthcare businesses.

DPT Facility Maintenance Contractor Services

Benefits to a DPT maintenance package includes a doubling of paint life, protection of exterior services, and keeping the structure mold, fungus and algae free. Plus, DPT commits to pro-green by using a variety of products available to “green” your facility including white reflective and elastomeric coating, along with eco-friendly paint products. We use paint that contains low amounts or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Better Home and Gardens provides a good list of eco-friendly products.

Remember a clean business leads to happy tenants, productive employees and pleased customers!